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GED is a test taken by people who couldn’t complete their high school diploma. People until a few years ago used to take GED test to get equivalency certificate but after the availability of online high school diploma programs, people world over are doing high school diploma instead of GED.

According to research, 83% of US employers would consider hiring a GED credential holder or a high school graduate equally, 16% would prefer a high school graduate and 1% would prefer a GED credential holder.

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21st Century Cyber Charter School
21st Century Virtual Academy
Agave Distance Learning
Alberta Distance Learning Centre
Allied National High School
Arkansas Virtual High School
Ashworth University High School
Blue Ridge International Academy
Blueprint Education
Bradenton Preparatory Academy
Brigham Young University Independent Study
Bristol Tennessee Cyber School
Camas Virtual Academy
Canada College
Capistrano Connections Academy
Centre for Distance Learning and Innovation
Chicago Virtual Charter School
Christa McAuliffe Academy
Citizens' High School
Clackamas Web Academy
Clonlara School
Continental Academy
Coquitlam Open Learning
Credenda Virtual High School
CT Virtual Learning
Delta Cyber School
Dunlap Leadership Academy
Eldorado Academy
Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow
Elkhart Cyber School
EPGY at Stanford University
Florida Virtual School
Forest Trail Academy
Francis School
Georgia Virtual School
Greenways Academy
Hadley School for the Blind
Hoosier Academy - Indianapolis
Humanities and Sciences Academy
Idaho Digital Learning Academy
Idaho Distance Education Academy
Idaho Virtual Academy
iHigh Virtual Academy
Indiana University High School
Insight School of California - Los Angeles
International Virtual Learning Academy
Kaplan Academy of California - Central California
Keystone National High School
Laurel Springs School
Liberty High School
National High School
North Carolina Virtual Public School
North Dakota Center for Distance Education
NorthStar Academy
Oak Meadow School
Odyssey Charter High School
Ohio Connections Academy
Orion High School
Penn Foster High School
Primavera Tech
Provost Academy South Carolina
Saskatoon Cyber Catholic School
The American Academy
University of Miami Global Academy
University of Missouri High School
Virtual High School
Wyoming e-Academy of Virtual Education

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